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Q: Che cosa significa the adjectif lavish when you describe a movie ?
A: A lavish movie may have very elaborate and expensive-looking costumes, scenes, and props. A “lavish” movie would have a sense of luxury.

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Regno Unito)? adjectif
A: Adjectif = Adjective
Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? adjectif pour quelqu’un qui est trop fier
A: An adjective for someone who is overly proud.

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Q: Hello, I'm looking for an adjectif to describe a person who makes a important decision without thinking too much. For exemple, a teenager who decides to study alone in a foreign country for a long while. The person didn't have any plan and just did it.
p.s. The word is "insouciant" in french
A: The French word means "carefree" in English. I cannot think of a word that succinctly describes someone who makes an important decision without carefully thinking about the pros and cons, but one word that comes to mind is the adverb "spontaneously".
Q: what's the adjectif of “cure” ?
A: Cured.

He is a cured patient.
Q: do you use the adjectif 'hypocrite' as much?
And can i replace it with 'two faced/double faced' ?
A: Hypocrite is not the same as two faced/double faced.
Hypocrite is when you say others can't do something, but you do it yourself.

Two faced/doubled faced: means you're friends or talk with someone kindly, but talk badly behind their back.

Hypocrite is highly used here in the US.

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