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Q: Che cosa significa afterlife?
A: It means a life after death like Heaven or Hell

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra afterlife e hereafter ?
A: 違いがない

They are both just ways of saying "place people go after they die" (if you believe in that)

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Q: afterlife, that world, land of the dead, another world, heaven,the other world.
Which word is common?
A: Heaven and Hell are the most common. Afterlife is also common.

"In the afterlife, she hoped to go to heaven."
Q: what does "afterlife" mean to you? does it mean an existence of your soul that drifts around after you die, or a next life after reincarnation?
A: For me, an afterlife is the existence of my soul in heaven or in hell once I have passed away!
Q: There is not even afterlife! sembra naturale?
A: The word "afterlife" is correct. The only thing that your sentence is missing is the article "an".

There is not even an afterlife!

But, you can say, "There is not even a heaven!" too.
Q: do you care about afterlife? sembra naturale?
A: do you care about the afterlife?
Q: If you believe afterlife and think that you will reborn, where in the world would like to reborn?

I would love to reborn in U.S.A. sembra naturale?
A: Reborn is not a verb in English
To reborn - incorrect X
To be reborn - correct
To be reincarnated - correct (much more common)

We use reincarnate a lot more.

Do you believe in reincarnation?

If you believe IN THE/AN afterlife and think that you will BE reborn, where in the world would YOU like to BE reborn?

I would love to be reborn in THE USA.

More common would be:

If you believe in reincarnation, where in the world would you hope to be reincarnated?

I would love to be reborn in the United States.

Or, I would love to be reborn as an American.

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