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Q: Che cosa significa being passive aggresive with someone?
A: It means to suggest rude things but in a calm tone of voice ( It usually also has a rude undertone )

So let's say that person A is complaining about something, and person B is being passive aggressive with them

- Person A: Oh no! I'm going to fail my test!
Person B: Well maybe someone should have studied more.

- Person A: I'm so tired nowadays
Person B: Getting more sleep would help you, you know.

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Q: How aggresive is it to say a person is a "stinker"?

I believe "stinker" is most of the time used quite in a friendly way.

for instances-
Anna from Frozen said "she is a stinker"(Elsa)
A cat owner said "he's a stinker" when her cat knocked down a cup climbing a table.
A: You are correct!
Q: I'm little aggresive when I use English how can I fix that? I always talk directly as I'm angry but I'm not..I want to know the way to talk more friendly especially to someone I don't know him/her yet..and thanks for helping.
A: when I talk I just talk directly without using please in the end of asking about sth..I just give the person the decision to choose if they want to help or not but they translate that I don't need their help or I don't care and don't respect them sth like that
Q: is "dumb it down" aggresive?
like if i said "okay, i can dumb it down given that it's been only 2 weeks since you started learning that"?
A: It can be aggressive in certain situations. "Dumb it down" is mostly slang talk.

Okay, I can "explain it more easily" after all it's only been 2 weeks since you started learning it.

Okay, "I'll explain it better" after all it's only been 2 weeks since you started learning it.

Either one of those is fine.

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