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Q: I went ahemadabad from my office trip. It was my first time, so I was very excited. After i reached​ there, we went in a hotel. That was looking not so good it might be 3-4 star hotel. I don't know we went 5-6 people we enjoyed a lot, but I got less money . I want to do more shopping because or cause I missed a lot of money on shopping for them. And we went from hotel around 10 o'clock in the morning we ate breakfast in hotel and we went out for sight seeing we walked by footsteps so we were so exhausted still we arrived some dhaba for eat snacks . We saw big template from there and we went on gurudwara from there. then we ate langar from there that was so tasty. Then I went for shopping in night I have done just window shopping . I was enjoying lot and my parents were calling me beyond when did you came back I said I wanna stay here more just for one week more they did get permission so I had to come back early . And my wrost experience was that in hotel was not cleaned and there was not getting warm water from there tap . And there was getting bad fragrance from there rooms.

did I write correct? sembra naturale?
A: Check the question to view the answer

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