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Q: Che cosa significa Ahhhh the yellow
A: "Give your life to be as solidified" does not make sense. Maybe he is saying that you would give everything you have to be as successful as me?
"Tatted-up" - covered in tattoos
"mumble" - doesn't pronounce words well. Difficult to understand
"rapper" - someone who performs rap music
Q: Che cosa significa Ahhhh!ROFLcopter?
A: Ahhhh! is just yelling. ROFL is Rolling On the Floor Laughing (something is really funny). I don't know what copter is supposed to mean in this sentence though, sorry.

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Q: Ahhhh I'm so shy-///- sembra naturale?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: "Literally" Ahhhh, I can't say it. sembra naturale?
Q: Ahhhh i am getting yawny already sembra naturale?
A: Ahhhh, I am getting sleepy already.
Q: Ahhhh i don't why sometimes i sent some stuff but actually it didn't send out.... sembra naturale?
A: Ahhhh... I don't know why sometimes I send some stuff but it actually doesn't get delivered.

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