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Q: Che cosa significa to get ahold of a prime cut like that out here?
A: This sentence seems like it is missing the beginning.

If someone were to ask "What do I have to do to get a prime cut like that out here?" would be asking how to get a good piece of meat (prime cut) in a place where it may be hard to do so.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has eight grades or ratings for beef. "Prime" or "Prime-Cut" is the highest grade of beef.
Q: Che cosa significa get ahold of ?
A: "Get ahold of", "Get hold of", "Get a hold of" = slang for capture, catch, confront, finally meet, finally reach by phone, etc.
"I finally got hold of my landlord after two weeks of calling him. I told him about the broken door."
"When I get hold of the person that stole my sandwich out of the refrigerator, I am going to give them a piece of my mind." (To give someone a piece of your mind means to scold someone fiercely)
"If the cat gets hold of the canary, it will be the end of the canary."
Q: Che cosa significa get ahold of something?
A: “Get ahold” can mean “to obtain” as in “She wants to get ahold of the new iPhone”. There are other usages as well, such as “Get ahold of yourself!”, which sort of means get control of your emotions. Do these examples make sense?
Q: Che cosa significa get ahold?
A: It means a variety of things.

You can say it to "get a hold of" someone, meaning to communicate with them..

Or you can say "to get a hold of" something, meaning to literally reach out for it.
Q: Che cosa significa get ahold of?
A: @kuanWang:
Contact me, get into communication with me.

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con To get ahold of .
A: I need to get a hold of my daughter (I need to contact my daughter)
Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con Get ahold of yourself .
A: 'Get a hold of yourself' can be use as either an encouragement or as a way of telling someone off so it can depend on the tone of voice you use.

"You're panicking right now. Please, get a hold of yourself so we can help." would be said calmly as an encouraging way to help someone.

"Get a hold of yourself already! This is no time for that." would be admonishing and quite rude.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra He has wanted to get ahold of that watch for a very long time e He has wanted to get that watch for a very long time ?
A: They are the same. To get ahold of something usually implies it was harder to get in the first place
Q: Qual è la differenza tra get ahold of me e contact me ?
A: Contacting someone is when you’re simply making a phone call/having conversation.

Getting a hold of someone means you’re contacting them specifically to see what they are doing, where they are, what they plan on doing, to see if it coordinates with what you need from that person.


“Have you gotten in contact with Mom? She won’t answer my calls.”

“Let me see if I can get a hold of my boss, I will get back to you shortly.”

The difference between the two is the purpose.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra get ahold of someone e contact someone e get in touch with someone ?
A: they all mean the same thing. just different ways to say it
Q: Qual è la differenza tra get ahold of~ e get one's hands on~ ?
A: They're both practically the same.
To get a hold of is also sometimes used to mean "to contact someone"

"Have you been able to get a hold of John? I need to tell him something."

"To get your hands on" is very slang-y and it's usually better to say 'got' or 'obtained'

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Q: Hi👋
i'm struggling to understand "get ahold of oneself"
i made a sentence and could you please check this is right?

sentence : In 3 minutes, I have a job interview so interviewers will ask me tons of questions about the job. so I need to get ahold of myself.

thank you in advance, and Happy Christmas!
A: Well, your sentences are correct; they just need capitals at the beginning. You used the expression correctly. It can be used when you feel scatterbrained, anxious, unsettled, when you are grieving or just overly emotional, or when you made a few wrong turns in your life and you decide that it's time to fix it. It just means that something about you isn't the way it should be and you need to focus on fixing it or getting yourself through it, taking control of yourself. There are lots of situations that it can apply to. And Merry Christmas to you, too!
Q: 0:32
'He's got ahold of my thumb.'

Is this sentence a present parfect tense? (like below)
'He has got(=gotten?) ahold of my thumb' (ahold=noun, of my thumb=C or M? )

If so, why they don't use " gotten" ?
A: Yes, the sentence is in present prefect, but both ‘got’ and ‘gotten’ can be used in this tense. We say ‘got’ for holding onto something (like in this sentence), and ‘gotten’ for getting something new. (Only in American English- in British English, ‘got’ is used in every case.)
Q: What does "have ahold of" mean in this lyrics?

We were bold, over the world
We were flying through the satellites
We had ahold of the lightning strikes
When we should've been afraid of heights
A: I found the song and I think it means that they had a place where the lightning was falling but that they really should fear the heights. That would be my interpretation that is subjective.

"had a hold" is like a place very small. Sorry, my english is not good, I hope I helped you.
Q: It's already 3pm though, i can't get ahold of my client. sembra naturale?
A: "It's already 3 pm, but I haven't been able to get ahold of my client." "It's already 3 pm and I can't get ahold of my client!"
Q: It's already 3pm though, i can't get ahold of my client. sembra naturale?
A: 間違いは「though」ですね。「But」のほうがいいです。そして、comma (,) を使わないといいです。

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