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Q: Qual è la differenza tra I have been studying allday e I had been studying all day ?
A: I have been studying all day = I was studying all day till now
I had been studying all day = I was studying all day but I am not studying right now.
For example, your mom tells you to stop playing PS4 and you respond with: " I had been studying all day mom, leave me alone!". "had been..." means that you did this in the past but "have been..." means something which started in the past but is still going on in the present.

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Q: What does he mean by tagging "allday " ? So confused...
A: It's confusing. An expression we have is "All day, every day" which kind of means here that he gets to have Kim all day, or see her naked like this all day.

Nothing Kanye says makes much sense.

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