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Q: Che cosa significa to our amazement ?
A: Something like: to our surprise but more like in a Good way I guess
Q: Che cosa significa blank amazement ?
A: Very surprised (so surprised that you can't respond)
Q: Che cosa significa much to my amazement a wrestling match?
A: "Para mi gran sorpresa, una partida de lucha libre." :v

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con amazement.
A: To her amazement, the cat's head appeared.

She watched in amazement.

The expression on her face was a mixture of sadness and amazement.

We were all struck dumb with amazement.

He survived, to the amazement of surgeons.

To my utter amazement she agreed.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra he looked at me with amazement e he looked at me in amazement ?
A: They are very similar, but have a subtle difference.

"with amazement" makes it sound like he is reacting to something that happened around them. maybe fireworks suddenly went off and he looked at her with amazement.

"in amazement" makes it sound like he is reacting to something she did. Maybe they were on a date and she asked him to marry her and he "looked at her in amazement."
Q: Qual è la differenza tra amazement e astonishment ?
A: They are pretty much the same, astonishment is not as commonly used as amazement though. It’s more poetical.

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Q: "To my complete amazement, I'd realised I'd won (the) first prize."
Does it sound natural? Can we say "first prize' without 'the"? Just "won first prize".
A: ‘The first prize’ could mean the first one awarded, not necessarily the top prize. It could be correct, depending on the context. It’s just more normal to say ‘he won first prize’.
Q: When do you “gasp in amazement”? What do you “gasp in amazement at”? Please show me some examples.

when you see a great scenery, the great works in museum or something horrible?
A: Amazement is usually used when you see something positive. The scenery and museum artwork are both good examples.

However, if you see something horrible, you would not use "amazement." You would say "gasp in disgust/horror/shock" or something similar
Q: I'm knocking with stupid amazement because I know you won't rush sembra naturale?
A: It blows my mind, because I know you won't rush.

Just curious, what will they not rush to do?
Q: I looked at her in amazement, like she's a monster. sembra naturale?
A: “Amazement” usually means something good. So maybe better to change that word. Also “she WAS a monster” because previous statement was also past tense (“looked at her”

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