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Q: Che cosa significa Amnesty International says Turkey has been forcing about 100 refugees back to Syria every day since January.?
A: The government of Turkey has hosted refugees from Syria's civil war and they are sending them back to their country since January at a rate of 100 per day.

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Q: ‎💜💜Help me please to start retelling about Amnesty International. I need only 1-2 sentences which I can retell before”Amnesty international is an international organization which fights for human rights across the world and it’s working hard to wipe out shocking statistics” 🌍
A: Even being in the 21st century, in today's world violations of human rights happen everyday in many different places. To fight against it and help people that are victims of this kind of violation, some people work in groups as ONG's to try to change the situation for the better.

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Q: Amnesty International is a human rights organization that was founded in London. Its work centers on the rights of prisoners of conscience, men and women whose governments have imprisoned them for their beliefs, ethnic origins, or religions.

In this writing, what does "Its work centers on the rights of prisoners of conscience" mean?
A: "Its work centers on" means that Amnesty International primarily works on the following goals, which the sentence then goes on to explain.
The phrase "the rights of prisoners of conscience" refers to people who are in prison not for committing crimes like stealing or murdering, but for simply having a belief that is different than the government's, or even just for being a certain kind of person that the government does not like. So, Amnesty International believes that people have rights which are essential to being a human being. Governments can, and sometimes do, deny them those rights and put people in prison because what they believe or do, or who they are, is something other than what the government likes.
Q: “I don’t think Amnesty International will approve what will be here soon.” sembra naturale?
A: I don't think International Amnesty will approve of what will happen here soon.

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