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Q: Che cosa significa annoys?
A: they are bothering you or being a pest (like a fly when they circle your food)
"the way she talks annoys the heck out of her"

Most people use annoying because "annoys" sounds too formal. "You're being annoying" "The way she talks is annoying" "The dog barking is annoying"
Q: Che cosa significa That never annoys cheerful Sami. He just laughs.?
A: "That" refers to the previous context of what you are reading.

For example, "Students often make fun of Sami's large nose. That never annoys cheerful Sami, who just laughs."

In this example, "that" refers to students making fun of Sami's large nose.

Please let me know if you still don't understand. ^•^

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con annoys.

My little brother annoys me all the time.

People talking loudly on their phones in public annoys me.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra He annoys me.
e He makes me annoyed. ?
A: Not much difference.
He makes me annoyed : he does something that makes u annoyed
He annoys me : he annoyed you
Q: Qual è la differenza tra That annoys me. e That irritates me. e That bothers me. ?
A: There no really a difference it all depends on how you're feeling. Saying ' That annoys me so much.' is saying that you cant stand it.The phrase 'That irratates me.' means that you can no longer stay with that noise and you're done and you need to move.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra A: He annoys me. e B: He bothers me. ?
A: annoys = makes you angry
bothers = makes you uncomfortable

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? annoy. it annoys me when people touches my belongings
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Regno Unito)? “what annoys you about your job or your studies?” can it be correct?
A: @itaintmebabe. Yeah, it's ok

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Q: One of what annoys new teachers who came to Japan from abroad is that when they ask their students if they have any questions, nobody answers. sembra naturale?
A: One of the things that annoys new teachers who come to Japan from abroad is that when they ask their students if they have any questions, nobody answers.
Q: It annoys me to no end.
It annoys me to no extent. sembra naturale?
A: It annoys me to no end.
It annoys me to no extent.

“It annoys me no end”
(= it really annoys me)

The second one sort of means that it doesn’t annoy you at all if you take it literally.
If you really want to express annoyance, it would be better to say:

“It annoys me to a great extent”
“To a great extent, I find that really annoying”

both mean you find that annoying, but it’s not a total annoyance. You may be annoyed on most occasions, but there may be times when you’ll let it pass (not be annoyed because you realise that there are times when something is necessary whether you like it or not)

Q: "I might be being too strict, sorry if it annoys" sembra naturale?
A: It sounds a little unnatural. Try saying ‘I might be too strict, sorry if it’s annoying/if it annoys you’ :)
Q: What they are doing annoys me sembra naturale?
A: You can also say "You are annoying me."
Q: What annoys you when flying?
A: Turbulence 😑😑 I hate it when the bus plane shakes omg..... rather than that I've always had pretty good flights

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