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Q: Qual è la differenza tra rescind,annul,revoke,abrogate, e repeal ?
A: Are you studying law? lol
I'll answer what I can but to be honest this isn't my area of expertise and most of these words are synonymous.

rescind I usually hear when being related to government documents being rejected or send back for further inspection and tweaking.

If you or your spouse want to cancel your marriage and there is a valid reason for doing so, you may get your marriage annulled. This basically erases it, like it never happened.

revoke is to take away a privilege. "You crashed the car so I'm revoking your driving privileges"

I've never heard abrogate in my life. Google says it means to do away with a law.

To repeal something is to bring it back up for discussion and debate after a judge has made her/his ruling. Many people who are sentenced to death go through a number of repeals to hopefully overturn that decision.

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