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Q: Che cosa significa antagonism?
A: Being hostile

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra antagonism e hostility ?
To antagonize is to annoy or irritate on purpose with the hopes of making them feel upset or fight back.
Hostility is a word to describe “bad vibes”, when someone acts or looks or feels a negative way and shows others that they are angry or upset, sometimes because they are biased/ prejudiced against someone or something.
She pushed her little brother in a show of antagonism. (She was trying to provoke her brother into reacting angrily or fighting back.)
He glared at everyone walking past him; he was in a hostile mood. (He wanted to be rude to others because he doesn’t like strangers.)
The difference between the 2 is basically that antagonism has an end goal of making someone else angry and fight them or become upset.
Hostility is a display of violence or anger just because the person is prejudiced or hateful or just in a bad mood.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra antagonism e hostility e enmity ?
A: They are all synonyms, but "hostility" is the one we would use in everyday language. Enmity is a little formal and not used often. Antagonism does technically mean the same as hostility, but it isn't used very commonly.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra antagonism e hostility e enmity ?
A: they are all synonyms = same meaning.

"They were hostile to all outsiders"
"The antagonism between them was so bad they couldn't even sit near each other"
"within one week, he'd incurred the total enmity of the entire crew"
"decades of enmity between the two countries"

they all mean unfriendliness, dislike, opposition
Q: Qual è la differenza tra antagonism e competitiom ?
A: Antagonism is harassment with the intent to draw a reaction from someone. Competition is respectfully trying to beat someone at something. For example, competing is to play a sport or video game against someone. Antagonism is to mock someone while competing with them. Antagonism can apply to any harassment, though. If you're sitting behind someone in class and pull their hair, that's antagonism. If someone doesn't like it when you click your pen repeatedly at work and you do it near them anyway, that's antagonism. People will often cite antagonism as a defense for yelling at someone or punching them in the face.

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? to reduce the antagonism between classes, we should respect one another and accept the differences
(is it natural?)
A: I would say: accept our differences instead of accept the differences.

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