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Q: Che cosa significa There’s only so many crazy rich Asians in LA.?
A: “There’s only so many...” means “There are NOT many”. “There’s only so many” is sarcastic
Q: Che cosa significa Asians age slowly ?
A: Their appearance changes slowly as they get older. Their faces do not change as much as other people’s faces.
Q: Che cosa significa She used to think lower of Asians and so, she only dated outside of her race.?
A: This means that in the past, she thought that Asian people were worse than other types of people. The sentence implies that she is Asian, but she only dated (searched for romance or companionship from) non-Asian people because she thought Asians were worse.

It is not clear why she thought Asians were worse, or what characteristics she used to reach that conclusion.

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con Asians stocks look set to drift Tuesday after U.S stocks slipped from ~~..

why is there no 'on' in front of tuesay?.
A: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. can be used as adverbs. Like yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

I’m going tomorrow.
I’m going Monday.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra what is different between Asians love e Europeans love? ?
A: There is no difference!

Love is love! It's not about the country - it's about the individual.

Great question by the way. ;D

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? 욕보이다

If you behave like that, you will 욕보이다 all Asians
(means people will have bad image of whole Asians)
A: Make someone ashamed, embarrassed, go through hardship
Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? 单眼皮(Asians' eyes)
A: Single eyelid.

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Q: "Let's be clear the Asians are doing the best in America right now and nobody wants to talk about them. Because they destroy the concept that there's racism."

What does "Because they destroy the concept that there's racism." mean, exactly? "Because Asian destroy ..." or "Because BLM destroy ..."?
A: They = Asians
Q: I heard that most Asians tend to look for a place where the same nation people with them are hanging out with in the Western countries, but why? haha.. sembra naturale?
A: I heard that most Asians tend to look for a place where the people of the same nationality as them are hanging out in Western countries, but why? haha..
Q: How do you perceived Asians there? How can we adapt to your culture?
A: Nice! I've become more confident that 2 people here saying how friendly they are. Any tips to mingle well?
Q: Maybe Asians always adapt to Asians food much better than Westerners? sembra naturale?
A: Just instead of "Asians Food" saying just Asian food would be better! :)
Q: We Asians eat rice. My ancestors were rice farmers. We have had rice to eat no matter how less food we had to eat. I had been proud of the taste of the rice made in my hometown. My mom constantly sent me their rice so that I could eat the rice with the best taste and I had been familiar with since childhood. However, I try to eat less rice. Rice is a typical carb which makes me gain weight. I feel guilty for my mom or my hometown but I have to be careful for food so that I stay healthy sembra naturale?
A: Sorry, I hit the wrong answer I was trying to choose. I meant to choose a little unnatural.

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