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Q: What does "unloading on Assange that her 2016 rival was still very much on her mind."(1st paragraph) mean?

And, while the former first lady technically made good on her promise earlier in the day not to mention President Trump by name, she made it clear while unloading on Assange that her 2016 rival was still very much on her mind.

"It's clear from the indictment that came out that it's not about punishing journalism," she told attendees and moderator Paul Begala, referring to the Assange case. "It's about assisting the hacking of the military computers, sealed information from the United States government. And, look, I'll wait and see what happens with the charges and how it proceeds, but he skipped bail in the U.K., in Sweden had those [rape] charges which have been dropped in the last several years. But, the bottom line is that he has to answer for what he's done, as has been charged."
A: "She made it clear (while unloading on Assange) that her 2016 rival was still very much on her mind."
Q: Could "Assange could have concluded ~" (3rd paragraph) be rephrased to "It is plausible that Assange concluded ~"??

Investigators have been scrutinizing phone and email records from the fall of 2016, looking for evidence of what triggered WikiLeaks to drop the Podesta emails right after the “Access Hollywood” tape story broke, according to people with knowledge of the probe.

In an interview this week, Stone vehemently denied any prior knowledge of the Podesta emails. He said he did not play any role in determining the timing of their release by WikiLeaks or suggest they be used to blunt the impact of the “Access Hollywood” tape.

It is unclear whether the special prosecutor has evidence connecting Stone to WikiLeaks’s activities. Assange could have concluded on his own that releasing the emails on that day would benefit Trump.

The results of Mueller’s inquiry could answer the central question of his probe: whether there was coordination between Trump’s campaign and Russian activities. Trump has repeatedly declared there was “no collusion.”
A: Yes, or more like, "It was possible for Assange to conclude it, so he need not have been told to release them that week." The author wants to say that they might have colluded, but the result could have happened even if they didn't.

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