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Q: Qual è la differenza tra asymmetrical e asymmetric ?
same meaning different way to describe something because of how it will be phrased

“Butterflies that are asymmetrical cannot fly well because their wings are different sizes”

“Asymmetric butterflies cannot fly well because their wings are different sizes”

“Asymmetric shapes are difficult to describe”

“Shapes that are asymmetrical are difficult to describe”

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Q: What does "asymmetrical warfare" mean?

Iran’s conventional military has deteriorated severely during the country’s relative isolation since the Islamic revolution of 1979. But Tehran has spent those decades cultivating less conventional capabilities that are now among the most potent in the world and which are ideally suited for carrying out asymmetrical warfare against a superpower like the United States.
A: It’s when a smaller group fights against a larger, more sophisticated army. In the case of Iran, this means that they do not have the same kind of military force that the US has. But they might use tactics like sending small boats full of explosives to attack much bigger navy ships.
Q: what does asymmetrical mean? do give an example
A: "Asymmetrical" means "not the same on both sides". I'll include an example here. :)

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