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Q: Che cosa significa attentiveness?
A: attentiveness is a quality that someone has — they pay close attention to something.

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con attentiveness .
A: "More attentiveness when I'm speaking would be greatly appreciated."

"He's always lacking in attentiveness."

"His attentiveness to detail is amazing." Regarding this example, you might be more likely to hear "His attention to detail is amazing."

"I know you have a problem in class with attentiveness because you keep falling asleep." Regarding this example, it's probably more common in US English to say "paying attention" instead of "attentiveness", that is, "I know you have a problem paying attention in class because you keep falling asleep."

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra attentiveness e attention e carefulness ?
A:attentiveness = attitude of "perception" to each point or detail.
▪︎The listening attentiveness will be rewarded with good marks in my class.

• attention = attitude of great "interest".
▪︎I was talking but he did not pay any attention.

• carefulness = attitude of "performing" with concern and indulgence.
▪︎Carefulness is required for nursing.


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