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Q: Che cosa significa attire?
A: It means clothing/clothes, usually an outfit
formal attire = formal clothes
Q: Che cosa significa attire ?
A: "Attire" means clothing -- what you wear.
Q: Che cosa significa attire?
A: clothes (usually formal ones)

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con attire.
A: Attire is not a common word though:
The people in the conference are all formally attired.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra attire e outfit ?
A: Attire usually means more formal clothing, and outfit can be about any clothing
Q: Qual è la differenza tra attire e clothe ?
A: Clothes and attire mean the same thing. Attire is more formal.
Clothe means to put clothing on someone.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra attire e apparel ?
A: So, attire and apparel are very similar in meaning. Attire is a specific category clothing, usually referring to formal, or fancy clothing.
"I love your wedding attire. It's very beautiful."
"His formal attire matched well with the theme of the party."
Apparel on the other hand can refer to items being sold in stores that can be worn, or like attire, a specific category of clothing, usually very nice.
"The store sold out its latest women's athletic apparel in hours."
"He was dressed in the finest apparel."
They're both words to describe on a basic level, fancy, usually of good quality, clothing. I hope this helps.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra attire e apparel ?
A: Apparel is a broader, more general term that usually includes all clothing, shoes, jewelry, bags, accessories, etc. (“the apparel industry”). Attire is used to describe a more specific set of apparel, such as “work attire” or “formal attire.” Unlike apparel, the noun attire almost never appears unmodified
나는 이것이 네가 이해하기 쉽기를 바란다. 이것은 이 두 단어의 차이를 이해하는데 도움이 될 것이다. It is a very minor difference.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra attire e clothing ?
A: Attire refers to the style of clothing. Clothing is the thing itself. Attire = 身なり and clothing = 衣服.

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Q: Wow, you are dressed in your traditional attire! sembra naturale?
A: "Wow, you are dressed in your traditional clothes!" would probably sound more natural but what you said isn't wrong either
Q: Not attire bespeaks genius. sembra naturale?
A: though correct, it is extremely rare usage. You may consider words like, shows, indicates, declares etc.
Q: Please allow me to appear wearing casual attire. sembra naturale?
A: Maybe try, please allow me to wear casual attire.
Q: How does one speak eloquently?
"That is a breath-taking attire you're wearing right now. But regardless of your charm, based on what I've experienced in the past, people are going to be head over heels when they see my looks." Is that an example of 'speaking eloquently'??
A: sort of. eloquence is simply speaking with an air of importance and confidence and using sophisticated words. It is applied to those who speak well and express themselves clearly.
For example, that statement is more eloquent than: "Wow, you look pretty. I like your dress. Even though you are charming, I still think people with think I look pretty too."
but less eloquent than: " I must say that you look positively breath taking in that ensemble. Tonight, with your charm and my looks, we will have people head over heels."
Q: Why are you dressed in the same attire as mine? sembra naturale?
A: @NabilaKaori: Why are you dressed the same as me?

Why are you wearing the same thing as me?

Why are your clothes the same as mine?

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