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Q: Che cosa significa awed?
A: To be Amazed by..
Q: Che cosa significa awed?
A: It is the past tense of awe. Example. "I was awed by the fireworks display." I was surprised by the fireworks and gave them all of my attention.
Q: Che cosa significa awed?
A: It's very similar to being "wow'd" or in other words, struck with great wonder. "Wow'd" is more colloquial (casual everyday speech) than "awed." (E.g. I was wow'd by the clearness of the night sky and how many stars we could see. / I was awed by the clearness of the night sky and how many stars we could see.)

Frasi esempio "Awed"

Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con awed.
A: “I was awed by the sight of such a huge mountain.”

“As I looked through the photos taken by the Mars rover, I was awed that I could see the surface of Mars with my own two eyes.”

“She was awed when the teacher told her of the many species of fish that inhabit the world’s oceans.”

“He is always awed when he considers how much larger than Earth the sun is.”

“I was awed to learn how tiny microchips in my smartphone can send so much information so quickly.”

“When I heard that the woman personally gave a brand new toy to every orphan in our town, I was awed by the depth of her kindness.”

People tend to use “awed” when dealing with subjects that almost seem magical or impossible, or that cause them to feel humble.

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