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Q: Che cosa significa Ayumi Sato is trying to be careful. But she's had enough. Lockdown fatigue is setting in for Sato, a 34-year-old stock trader who lives in Tokyo.

1.What's the meaning of "but she's had enough"?

2.What's the meaning of "is setting in"?
A: "she's had enough" means she has tried to be careful, but she is now tired of doing that. It suggests she may stop trying to be careful.

"Fatigue is setting in" means "fatigue is growing stronger." As a result, the implication is it is getting harder to ignore whatever is "setting in." I think this metaphor comes from the sense of "setting" as something getting harder/firmer. We would say that paint "sets" as it dries.

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? Ayumi
A: Ayumi doesn’t translate into another name. We don’t have a form of Kana for borrowed words. We would just try to pronounce it as close as possible to the native sound.

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Q: Ayumi Yamada

- She wants to be able to make use of English at work.

- She has been studying at some other schools in Cebu for six months. She is used to handwriting so she says it may take a lot of time to type.

-She has kept a diary in English, so she would like to check it If there is time left over in RC class.

-She seriously wants to practice singing English songs in one Pronunciation class.

sembra naturale?
A: But for the third one, “ she would like to check if there’s time left...” there is no “it if” and you can shorten there is to there’s.
Q: Ayumi said that she wants you to send her the Email about Patric and Charlie’s self introduction that we stick on the wall. sembra naturale?

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