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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? As an Ayurveda therapist says...

A: you have cold

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Q: Ayurveda Herb Neem: Brightens the skin and has an excellent effect on acne (except for severe acne). It also helps normalize the menstrual cycle and relieve vaginitis. sembra naturale?
A: this paragraph is pretty well structured, it would be considered natural. However, despite being substantially natural, you can make improvements to make it flow and make it so you can have a more engaging conversation with an actual person in real life. For example:
Ayurveda Herb Neem: It brightens up the skin and is an excellent way to rid yourself of acne; unfortunately, not so much with severe acne, but nonetheless, is a wonderful herb. It also keeps your menstrual cycle in check and prevent vaginitis, which, if I do say so myself, is something I do not want to contract!
Notice how I only changed my approach (or the way I talk to the person) to make the conversation more engaging. Also, since menstruation, vaginitis and the sort are all topics and words that can become awkward to talk about to some people, especially to those who you only recently met. So to make it seem less awkward to talk about, put a little more humor in what you say, and a more lighthearted word choice and approach.
So to wrap it up, your paragraph was quite good, and to improve it, focus on making it more interesting to hear and talk about.

hope this helps!

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