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Q: Che cosa significa I don't mean to be the backseat driver?
A: it means that you don't want to be critical of someone else's driving or tell them what to do while they are driving
Q: Che cosa significa backseat?
A: The sitting place in the back of a vehicle/room.
Q: Che cosa significa backseat?
A: Back seat means the seat at the back of a vehicle.

But you will find that we commonly say, "I'll take a back seat on this activity" which means I surrender to an inferior position and let another person make the decisions.

Another phrase we usually use is a back seat driver which is used to describe a passenger who gives unsolicited advice to the driver.

Hope this helps.
Q: Che cosa significa backseat ?
A: Backseat means to sit behind the front seat in a car.
Q: Che cosa significa a backseat wasteease?
A: Backseat refers to seats in the back of a vehicle, generally a car.
I have never heard of a "wasteease".

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Q: What does "we're driving from the backseat" mean? I think it's like two persons are extending their hands to the steering wheel sitting on the backseat of the car. Is that a metaphor or something? It's hard for me to understand.

This sentence is from Lucy Rose's song "Bikes".
A: backseat driving is when : the passenger in the car is giving the driver criticism/advice on their driving.

Hope that helps!
Q: I have a backseat on my bike. sembra naturale?
A: My bike has a backseat.
There is a backseat on my bike.
Q: Can I say "she sat/lay/fell asleep in the backseat" when referring to the rear seat of a car? If not, how can I reword this so that it sounds natural?
A: Yes. All of those are correct
Q: Studying takes a backseat to hanging out sembra naturale?
A: I actually think one of my friends has said this before ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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