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Q: Che cosa significa baddie?
A: Describing someone as “bad” is a slang way to say they are attractive, usually referring to young women. So a girl who is “bad” is a “baddie”.
Q: Che cosa significa You are a baddie like you is fine you know??
A: It's very colloquial; it basically means "you are attractive", most likely said by a young man to a young woman. 'Baddie' is a new term which can mean other things depending on the context, but 'fine' is unambiguously 'attractive'.
Q: Che cosa significa baddie?
does it have any other meaning ?!
Q: Che cosa significa baddie ?
A: Oh, it’s like the bad guy in school or bully.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra baddie e badass ?
A: It means the same thing but “baddie” is newer and trendy

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? 👉You a baddie mami? 👈 What that mean?
A: A "baddie" is a really hot and confident woman. "Mami" you can guess.

The question "You a baddie mami?" has no right answer. Clearly the guy is saying, "you look like a hot baddie."

It is a rhetorical question.

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Q: I hope you can protect me from the baddies.
I hope you'll be able to protect me from the baddies.

Are both of those correct? And any differences between them? sembra naturale?
A: Both of them sound natural, but there is a difference. "you can protect" means the person can protect you at any time. "you'll be able" means the person will be able to protect you some time in the future.

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