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Q: Che cosa significa Balls out/balling out?
A: “Balls out” means doing some with intensity, or trying very hard. “Going balls out”.
“Balling out” means living lavishly or spending a lot of money. Rappers ball out.
Q: Che cosa significa Balls America?
A: Hahah "Holy shit balls" is the full expression. He's using it because he's surprised at/shocked by America.

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Q: Floating Ping-Pong Balls

What you need : Hair dryder, Ping-pong balls, Empty toilet paper tube, Balloon

Step 1 : Turn on your hair dryer to the highest setting and point it straight up.

Step 2 : Gently place the ping-pong ball within the flow of air from the hair dryer.

Step 3 : Carefully move the hair dryer from left to right and watch how the ball moves.

Step 4 : Try floating an inflated balloon over your ping-pong ball.

Step 5 : Place the empty toilet paper tube into the air stream and watch what happens to it

Why does it work?
Air from the hair dryer pushes the ping-pong ball up, and the force of gravity pushes the ping-pong ball down. so the ping-pong ball fly up to the point of balancing air pressure and gravity.

could you correct my report?
A: To be honest it doesn’t need any correcting. It’s really good!
Q: I have no more Poké Balls. I need to get some at any PokéStops. sembra naturale?
A: I think they call them pokéballs though, as one word.

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