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Q: Che cosa significa that is ballsy answer ?
A: ballsy is slang for very brave ( you have guts) .
so if someone tells you that is very ballsy they are saying that what you just did took some guts, usually meaning they themselves dont have the guts/balls to do the same.
Q: Che cosa significa ballsy?
A: "Ballsy" can be another way of saying "manly" or (like you said) not afraid of doing something new.
It's a very casual word so I wouldn't use it much. Basically, it comes from the word balls, which can be slang for the word testicles (金玉)
Telling someone they've "got balls" is another way of saying they're manly or brave.
So saying something is "ballsy" is also saying that it was brave, manly, etc.
Q: Che cosa significa this is ballsy ?
A: Be careful with this.

When we say "that takes balls" or "that's ballsy" we are saying "that takes courage" and it also implies a bit of recklessness. The reason to be careful is because the "balls" in this case are testicles. In other words, it was originally a way of saying "that was a manly thing to do" implying men have courage and are a bit reckless.

We use this terms a lot in casual conversation, but I have known some women to take offense at being called ballsy.

A safer thing to say is "gutsy" (ballsy) or "guts" (balls).

That takes guts.
That's one gutsy lady.
Q: Che cosa significa ballsy?
A: It's a slang for courageous.

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con ballsy.
A: That was a ballsy move to volunteer first. ( brave) Pete stood up to the bully in a ballsy way.

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Q: a ballsy episode sembra naturale?
A: Check the question to view the answer

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