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Q: Che cosa significa baseline?
A: A baseline is a value or starting point on a scale with which other values can be compared. For example “You'll need such information to use as a baseline for measuring progress.”
Q: Che cosa significa baseline ?
A: Baseline means

1. A minimum or starting point used for something whose value is expected to change over time.

Eg "The water's baseline temperature was 25C, but after heating it for 5 minutes the water temperature rose to 29C"

2. On a tennis court, the line at the end of each side of the court, from which people serve.
Q: Che cosa significa baseline?
A: An origin with a start point
Q: Che cosa significa baseline confidence ?
A: Something that absolute faith has been put into.
-My baseline confidence says I am correct.

"Baseline" seems to be a filler word and not needed.
You could say the something without "baseline":
-My confidence says I am correct.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra baseline e criteria ?
A: Baseline can be considered to be a minimum while a criteria is a deman which must be fulfilled

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Q: What does "baseline standalone approach" mean?

in context of hanging, there should always be a free end, unlike standalone
also various schemes may be used
and even baseline standalone approach would be something like 6-10m
A: It means the most basic method, without any additional help or features.
Q: Knowing the baseline level of residual tumor DNA, we can monitor the effectiveness of therapy. sembra naturale?
A: Almost perfect! Just change it to "...the effective of THE therapy." Hope this helped!
Q: What does "establish a baseline" in 179 mean?
A: A baseline is like a first impression or a standard. To establish one on a person would be to judge their character.
Q: What does "establish a baseline" mean?
A: "Establish a baseline" in the context of interrogation means to determine how the person behaves in a normal, undistressed state so that when they start asking them real questions, they can discern whether or not they are telling the truth.

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