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Q: Che cosa significa bcuz?
A: bcuz = because

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con bcuz, ppl, thx, coz.
A: Please remember to not use these abbreviations in important emails, etc! Use them in texts to friends, family, and unimportant things online.

Bcuz = Because
Ppl = People
Thx = Thanks
I’d use cuz, not coz = Shorter version of because ; cause

Extra abbreviations:
Np = No problem
Lol = laugh out loud
Stfu = Shut the f*** up
Lmao = laughing my a** off
Rofl = rolling on floor laughing
Tbh = to be honest
Imo/Inmo = In my opinion/in my honest opinion
Gtg = got to go
Cya = See ya
Btw = by the way
Fyi = for your information
Ur = your , you’re
R = are

Mom: Hey son, can you throw out the garbage?
Son: No
Mom: Why?
Son: bcuz/cuz I’m somewhere else

Random: hey look at all those ppl!

Him: thx for helping
Her: Np(no problem extra abbreviation lol-laugh our loud–another one)

Boss: Hey Jared, here’s the transactions of our company
Jared: thx

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