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Q: Che cosa significa 'BECAUSE!'?
A: I say because without any other words in the sentence. It's not necessary. When you say because it just means I did. Like if someone says why are you wearing that shirt I'll say because. like I'm saying I wanted to which takes too long to say so I'll just say because
Q: Che cosa significa JUST BECAUSE?
A: Just for the sake of doing it.

Because I felt like it, no real reason.

"I painted the wall blue just because (I wanted to)."
Q: Che cosa significa JUST BECAUSE?
A: You use it to give a reason that you don't think is a good reason. E.g. You can't quit school just because you failed your test.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra BECAUSE OF e BECAUSE ?
A: I got it, thank you very much for your answer.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra BECAUSE e BECAUSE OF ?
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? BECAUSE the idea is to MAKE money, once you make money retain the Customer by giving them a break. Then they will stay.

is the sentence correct? What does It mean?
make money retain? ?I don't know sentence strcture.
A: I do not quite understand what this is trying to say, but I will try.

First, I think there is supposed to be a comma between “money” and “retain”

I believe this sentence is trying to say: The plan is to get money. After you get the money, give the customer a break (as in a break from spending money). Then, the customer will stay longer. (since they will not use up all their money in one time)

So, you want to make money from customers. After you get some money, do not have them spend money so that they save their money for next time. (Because if you make them spend all their money in one go, then they will leave).

The sentence is correct. You can start sentences with “Because”, but make sure that what follows the phrase “Because the idea is to make money” is a complete thought.

“Because the idea is to make money.” Incorrect. Not a complete thought because the word “because” makes the phrase a fragment.

By adding “once you make money, retain (keep) the customer by giving them a break” after “because the idea is to make money” it makes the sentence correct.
It has a subject and verb making a complete thought.

Sorry if this is confusing. Hope I can help :)

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Q: Which is correct? Now let me tell you WHY you are wrong, or, now let me tell you BECAUSE you are wrong.
A: Let me tell you why you are wrong. = Let me tell you the reason you're incorrect. Let me show you what your mistake was.

Let me tell you because you are wrong. = You were wrong, so I will tell you the right answer. I won't explain it, I'll just tell you what's correct.
Q: "BECAUSE OF I AM SPEAKING English I will not spend in my native language" sembra naturale?
A: @leesheer:
I here someone saying "becouse of"
Q: BECAUSE OF I AM in London, I'm not going to..." sembra naturale?
A: @quidprokat:
Q: how to say BECAUSE pronunciation😉
A: Since you're posting on English UK, the standard British pronunciation is neither. The first one you gave sounds informal, the second one is American English. I'll give you an example

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