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Q: Che cosa significa it was right befor 〜when〜?
A: それは直前だった!!!

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra 1)where did you work befor you came to this compay. e 2)Where were you used to working before you came to this company. e + Is the second sentence can used to describe when i want to emphasize my ability, maded by previous office(job)? ?
A: First one sounds more natural but it has a few spelling mistakes:
Where did you work before you came to this company?
Q: Qual è la differenza tra befor e ago e later e until e after ?
A: Before: used with an event as a marker of time
Ago: used with an specific amount of time

"Brush your teeth before going to bed"
"Wash your hands before eating"
"I finished studying 2 hours ago"
"He went to Japan 2 years ago"

Later: same as ago, used with specific amount of time, OR just used alone to say something will happen in the future

"See you later."
"I started cleaning in the morning, and finished 3 hours later."

Until: the action is done continously "until" an event, non specific time

"My dad had to work until midnight"
"I'll stay here until you say something"

After: same as until, but the action starts "after" the event

"I'll study after I shower"

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Regno Unito)? この画像の右端のテキストが、途中で切れています。
例)"befor the su"
The text on the right hand side of the image was cut off. Could you please change the image accordingly.
Eg before the ‘su’

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Q: Per favore dimmi come si pronuncia i told you that befor!.
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: I vaguely remember talking about this befor. sembra naturale?
A: “I vaguely remember talking about this befor.”
The sentence makes sense, but “befor” is spelled “before”
Q: I've got to leave befor I'm late sembra naturale?
A: I have to leave or I'll be late. You want the person to know it's not a command, but you're completely serious.
Q: 1.what you said befor?

2. What did you say before?
both would work?
A: 2 is correctly and nice.
Q: I'll be there befor you come.
Call me when you get lost. sembra naturale?
A: @junchi: I'll be there before you come. Call me if you get lost.

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