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Q: Che cosa significa Bologna? es mortadela? ?
A: yes.
Bologna= Mortadela.

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Q: I think it would be better for them to come in Bologna in June because it’s the least hot month in summer.
I suggest them to come by plane because they’ll spend much less time and it’ll be less stressful for the children, and there is an airport pretty near the city centre in bologna too so it isn’t hard to reach it.
In Bologna there are a lot of hotels but I advise them not to stay far away from the centre therefore they can go everywhere on foot.
In my opinion they could visit Ravenna and Ferrara which are very close to Bologna, on the other hand I believe that Firenze and Milano are fabulous though they’re a little further away however if they decide to visit Firenze or Milano, I’ll suggest them to go there by train from Bologna. Nevertheless they are all amazing cities full of museums.
The closest theme park where they could go is Mirabilandia which is in Ravenna. sembra naturale?
Q: As soon as I come to Bologna I have fallen in love with Italy sembra naturale?
A: As soon as I got to/arrived in Bologna, I fell in love with Italy.

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