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Q: Che cosa significa boop?
A: I never heard of it before so thanks to you, I’m learning something new too. However, I don’t have a pet to boop with! 🤣
Q: Che cosa significa We did just boop, you know.?
A: "booping" is when you lightly tap someone's nose with your pointer finger or your own nose and say "boop"! (only do this to a pet, a little child, or a very very close friend)
I guess they booped, so the speaker assumes they are close friends/lovers now, and s/he is using that as justification for going further (like kissing or something) (most likely in a funny way, not a creepy way)
Q: Che cosa significa boop someones nose?
A: It means that you poke someone's nose with your finger in a soft and quick way and say boop while performing the action :)
Q: Che cosa significa boop?
A: It is a sound. like when you poke someone on the nose, sometimes kids will say 'boop'. It is supposed to be cute

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con boop(and what does it mean? not boob).
A: @choi019 thank you!!

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Q: "Could you spare a boop, please?"
I saw this caption on a dog picture on instagram.
Does this mean "Could you make a time to tap on my nose? → Could you make a time to like this photo?"
A: I think they meant to use both interpretations. It's like the dog is asking for a tap on the nose and for you to 'like' the photo.
Q: What does boop mean?
Can you give me some examples?
A: "Oh, what a cute kitty! I'm gonna boop your little nose."

"Your dog is so cute! He just booped my head with his."

"Where are your shoes, kiddo? You better find them or I'm gonna boop your toes!"

It's not a real word, but it means to lightly touch someone, usually with one finger. Generally it's said to small children and animals, and mostly about touching noses for some reason.
Q: Now, boop and let the game start! sembra naturale?
A: Check the question to view the answer

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