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Q: Che cosa significa Breasts not anything to write home about.

i think it is a kind of joke.?
A: When the phrase "nothing to write home about" is used it's to say something isn't worth noting or isn't special. In reference to someone's physical appearance it's an unflattering way to say someone isn't particularly attractive. The phrase is a bit outdated. You'd hear people in the U.S. around age 50-60 using this most often.
Q: Che cosa significa Breasts are adaptable. it is common for mothers that they are nursing three times one day, eight times the next day. They may find their breasts are slightly fuller on some days, but it "all works out". ?
A: It all works out means everything is ok.

In this context, even though it is sometimes 3 times and sometimes 8 times, the breasts may be fuller sometimes, but that's okay for the body.

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Q: Breasts, tits, boobs.
1) Which is the most and less polite word?
2) There are another more polite word for it?
3) Could you use another popular word for referring to it?

Thanks a lot for answering.
A: "Boobs" is probably the most used, I use it around friends but not family or work. If you're in polite company you can just say "chest," and people will know what you mean. "Breasts" is ok and won't offend anyone, but you sound a little like a doctor. "Tits" is vulgar, and impolite, there's a time and a place to use it, but it's usually with a lover or with friends.

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