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Breathtakingly beautiful pure bamboo groves we often see in photos of Kyoto are well-kept ones. Whereas if they are left in a natural state, some trees will grow together and dead bamboos also remain there. The bamboo grove next to my house is totally untidy, so may not be that beautiful. But still, or for that reason, it seems to make a good habitat for birds and insects, and I’m happy with that.
A: Your paragraph is perfectly OK, and I can't think of any better phrases than the ones you've used.

You might start with "The ..." but it's good the way you have it.
Q: "息をのむような景色" を見た時にいう言葉として、"Breathtakingly beautiful " 以外にどんな表現ががありますか?

この写真に対してだけでなく、"一般的な表現" として)
A: The view was absolutely <>

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