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Q: Che cosa significa Britney?
A: Britney Spears, a celebrity

It’s the name of a movement regarding her current situation that’s been brought to light these days. It’s too complicated to explain. You’ll have to look it up yourself ^^”
Q: Che cosa significa Britney Spears, an injunction for Alexia to “emancipate Mimi.

A:Britney Spears” and “an injunction for Alexia to ‘emancipate Mimi’” are separate items on the list.
They mention Britney Spears briefly during the play, so she is on the list.
“The Emancipation of Mimi” is the title of Mariah Carey’s album, which they are also referencing.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra Britney's father will step ASIDE as conservator e Britney's father will step DOWN as conservator ?
A: They mean the same thing.

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Q: "they hoped that Britney would be free again. "

Why "would" is used here?
(Can I say "they hoped that Britney will be free again"?)

Britney´s fans did not want her father to control her life. They organized a petition, and they hoped that Britney would be free again. Last week, Britney´s father said that he would not be her conservator anymore.
A: this is hard even for English speakers! I believe because “hoped” is in the past tense, “would” is used. Because in the context they were talking I’m the past tense, that’s why they used it.

If they talked in the future tense in the article it could read like this: Britney’s fans will organize a petition, and they hope she will be free again.
Q: Britney Spears was born in London sembra naturale?
Q: in Toxic of Britney Spears
"i need the hit"
what does that mean?
A: I think “I need a hit” is used when you’re trying to buy drugs. In her song, she’s singing about a guy who is “the drug” and she needs “a hit”. Basically she just wants the guy.
Q: I feel so Britney Spears eating Taco Bell right now sembra naturale?
A: Ah! Well then just say it you did just now :)
"I feel like Britney Spears when she had her breakdown"

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