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Q: Che cosa significa The Broadway production is to be directed by Kenny Leon, and produced by Jeffery Richards,….( a lot of names) ?
A: produce is equal to create. The production involves the process of creating. The producer is Jeffery Richards, he arranges everything. Including funding, and all other characteristics of the production. Producing something can involve, but is not limited to, providing funds.
Q: Che cosa significa A Broadway Smash?
A: It is a popular production, most likely a musical since that is what Broadway in New York City is known for. If it is a Broadway smash, it was popular on Broadway the epitome of places to be in the musical business. We use smash to indicate something was really popular across the country. Commonly used in "smash hit" for movies, music, musicals, plays, etc.
Q: Che cosa significa Broadway audition?
A: Broadway is a street in New York City where the theaters that have the biggest shows are located. In the US, “Broadway” has come to mean the best shows with the highest production value. A Broadway audition would be a try out for one of those big New York shows and would be a huge deal for a stage actor.
Q: Che cosa significa Broadway ?
A: A main road sort of
Q: Che cosa significa found down on Broadway ?
A: It means that something or someone was located on Broadway.

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Regno Unito)? Broadway
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? (after watching a Broadway musical) 最高のキャストによる、最高の舞台。本当に最高でした!
A: An incredible performance depends on an incredible cast. This was truly amazing!

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Q: ''But if you ever walk out into Broadway or the highway or into the woods or into a farm you then find out that other intelligences are at least this important.''

Can I change the '' into '' to the '' in ''?
A: I would say "onto Broadway, into the woods, onto a farm".
"into Broadway" is OK for a street
"into" or "in" the woods is OK, into emphasizes the entry point
"into a farm" sounds a bit strange, "onto" definitely better

Also "other intelligences" is wrong (or at least sounds awful), "intelligence" is almost always singular, better "other types of intelligence".
Q: I want to watch Broadway musicals in New York. sembra naturale?
Q: What is Broadway exactly? Is it kind of a cinema? For example what does it mean when someone says "Lion King is on Broadway."?
A: It's a huge theater in New York where all the famous plays are. It's "considered to represent the highest level of commercial theatre in the English-speaking world."(from Wikipedia). Lion King was made a play and it plays at Broadway.
Q: How famous are Broadway stars in the U.S.? Are they famous and popular only among musical fans?
I guess Idina Menzel must be popular because of Frozen, but how about the others, like Sutton Foster, Sierra Boggess, and Rachel Tucker?
A: I'm somewhat a fan of musicals, but I only know the first two you mentioned.

I think you're correct that they are only known within the "musical world".

If they are able to branch out and get into movies or tv, then they become more well known.

Sutton Foster was in two tv shows (as far as I know) Bunheads, which got canceled. And now she's currently on Younger. So people probably know who she is.

Idina Menzel was HUGE on Broadway as well as Frozen & the movie version of Rent. Pretty much everyone at least knows her name.

There was also a TV show called Glee, that was all about music. It introduced the musical world to a broader audience. However, in general, I think the majority of people who watched it were already interested in musicals.

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