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Q: Che cosa significa brokerage ?
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Q: Please correct me🙇‍♀️

About the brokerage fee, after consulting my boss (general manager and store manager), they said it could be difficult to discount. There are two main reasons. Firstable, it was not the property which can be discount. Secondly, as I said before, if you refer us other new customer, we could pay back to you up to 30% as referral fee, however to our company, the contract was not concluded, yet, so we couldn't in this current situation. If you felt uncomfortable from these reasons, we are really sorry, but this time you can cancel it.

**After consulting management (general manager and store manager) regarding the brokerage fee, they've advised it would be difficult to discount.

There are two main reasons.

** First, it is not a physical item which can be discounted.

Secondly, if you refer new customers to us, we return up to 30% to you as a referral fee as previously mentioned. However, the contract was not concluded and we were unable to extend this offer to you.

If you are not satisfied with the above reasons, we regret that you will need to cancel the request at this time.

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