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Q: Which do you use, bunched or retroflex r?
In other words, is your tongue straight or curved up when you pronounce r?
Is retroflex variation rare among native English speakers?

A: i think i use both, they both feel natural to me, though i figure i use bunched more. it’s hard to determine whether retroflex r is rare, i don’t believe there’s much research on it and there’s no really perceivable difference between the two in sound (and so i would think most native speakers don’t actually even know there’s two ways we form our r sound), so it’s not something i can assume from experience hearing others speak. one report though ( found that, of 27 american english speakers, 2 exclusively used retroflex, 16 exclusively used bunched, and 9 used both. based on that report, perhaps it is uncommon to use exclusively retroflex r, but using it in any capacity is not uncommon

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