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Q: Che cosa significa Come on, lazy buns.
Let's earn that stuffing.?
A: I got it. Thanks a lot.
Q: Che cosa significa buns?
A: Ah! A bun is a hair style where the hair is gathered into a ball. A tight bun is a bun with no hairs out of place. A messy bun is a bun with a lot of hairs out of place (deliberately)
Q: Che cosa significa sticky buns?
A: It could be used between sweethearts as a cute name. It's also a snack you eat
Q: Che cosa significa Get those hot buns in here. ?

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra Nice buns e Buns ?
A: Buns as in bread?

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? what is that mean?
'get those hot buns in here'
A: Do you have any CONTEXT? What are the previous two or three sentences? What’s the situation? Are people sitting down at a dinner table, waiting for food? Or is someone in a bedroom, waiting for another person? Or ...? The same words, spoken in different contexts, can mean different things.

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Q: I have eaten 2 buns. There are 2 more buns. sembra naturale?
A: × I have eaten 2 buns.
✓ “I have eaten 2 buns.”/“I’ve eaten 2 buns.” Or “I ate 2 buns.”

× There are 2 more buns.
✓ “There are 2 more.” Or you could shorten it to “There’s 2 more.”

Q: If you don't eat these buns soon, it will be expired.
sembra naturale?
Q: These buns are not fresh, that's why they're sold with 50% discount. Help with a more natural way to say this:)
A: I think it sounds good. Here is another option:
These buns are 50% off because they are not fresh
Q: What does "buns thrown at old ladies" mean?

Does buns mean a bread?
Does old ladies mean women got old?

I don't understand the meaning from the context.
Although they talked about a bear, why did they talk about buns and old ladies?
I also don't understand "Raucous all-night picnics".
A: Pretty sure buns is bread rolls. And yeah, old ladies is women who are old.

Basically they're listing possible negative outcomes of having lots of bears living on the street. It's meant to be irrational - it's an allegory of a racist person's response to having an immigrant living next door.
Q: The buns at McDonald's have got bigger. In other words, they got back to normal size. sembra naturale?
A: A more natural way to phrase your second sentence would be:

"In other words , they've returned to their regular size."

Regular is probably a better word here since you're talking about a change of state. Normal works too, though.

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