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Q: Che cosa significa What's a bureaucrat? Please explain in simple words...?
A: The definition of a bureaucrat is a person with an official position in the government, or a term used to describe someone in a position of power who is more concerned with procedure or policy than with people's needs. ... A manager overly concerned with power and procedure instead of people is an example of a bureaucrat
Q: Che cosa significa bureaucrats ?
A: They are the official people or in other words the government or leaders in a country that ensures that all wellbeing of their citizens are taken care of

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Regno Unito)? bureaucrat
A: I also say "bureaucrat". It means officials.

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Q: What does "but certainly not of a distant bureaucrat. " mean?

Hunter-gatherers would consider that warning to be none of the business of anyone other than the child and perhaps its parents and band members, but certainly not of a distant bureaucrat.

For context:
A: It means it is definitely not the business of a bureaucrat. Using "distant" makes it clearer why it is none of his or her business.

Because the phrase before was " ...perhaps its parents and band members," it started with "but certainly not..." to show that even if it somehow were the business of parents and band members, it can't be the business of the bureaucrat.

Essentially, the sentence makes a list with:
- An item (the child)
- Two potential items (parents and band members)
- an explicitly excluded item (the bureaucrat)
Q: Per favore dimmi come si pronuncia bureaucrats.
A: You may find this site helpful:
Q: The bureaucrat is well-known as off-the-wall person

Does this expression sound natural?
A: A little unnatural. You're missing an article, "an".

"The bureaucrat is well-known as an off-the-wall person."
Q: The nasty bureaucrat, who is now under heavy fire, is supposed to be the cream of the crop.
His scandal is shameful.
Now in Japan, male workers in decent companies are sexual- harassment-aware and sometimes they are nervous to talk with their female subordinates.
However those bureaucrats are still up to the neck in old fashioned wrong ideas.
sembra naturale?
A: At the end I’d say “old fashioned, wrong ideas.” But, other than that, you were phenomenal!

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