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Q: Che cosa significa buster ?
A: 1.used as a mildly disrespectful or humorous form of address, especially to a man or boy.
2. a person or thing that breaks, destroys, or overpowers something.
Q: Che cosa significa busted/ buster ?
A: If I was caught doing something I shouldn't be, I was busted. The person who caught me is the buster.
Q: Che cosa significa buster?
A: It's used to address a man or a boy you do not like:
Cut it out, buster!
Q: Che cosa significa buster ?
A: buster = to kill or destroy
1. Mouth wash is a germ buster.

buster = pal/buddy (male)
1. Hey, what's up little buster?
2. You better do your chores or you're gonna be in real trouble, buster!

buster (modern slang) = chump/lame/punk
1. He's such a buster. He does everything by the book. I wish he would loosen up and live a little.
2. Sup, buster?( to a male friend. It means chump, lame, or punk. It's not an insult with a friendly tone when directed at a friend)

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? buster
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: What do "buster" and "riband" mean?
A: They're types of wheat.

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