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Q: Che cosa significa "butthurt" ?
A: slang-- emotionally upset and feelings hurt, childishly upset
Q: Che cosa significa don't get butthurt?
A: Don’t get butt hurt is when someone makes you mad. When you got pissed is when you get butt hurt. Basically butt hurt is describing someone is pissing off
Q: Che cosa significa butthurt?
A: Lucy is very angry or very sad because jane does not like the colour of the shirt that Lucy is wearing. Lucy no longer wants to be Jane's friend.
Lucy is "butthurt" because her feelings were hurt easily.
Q: Che cosa significa she has been butthurt over him.?
A: When someone is but hurt, it means that they are offended / slightly hurt because of what someone said to them. But I would never say butthurt OVER something, I would say butthurt BECAUSE OF something. And either way, only use that with friends, it's not something you should say in a formal situation haha

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con butthurt.
A: "Just ignore him. he's just butthurt that he can't ask Tiffany out on a date now that she's dating Andrew."

"I don't like the city I live in. it feels like everyone here has a snobby and butthurt attitude. they're not very friendly."
Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con butthurt.
A: It's a crude/vulgar way of saying "upset".
"I know you didn't get to sit where you wanted, but don't get all butthurt about it."

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra to be butthurt e to be bitter ?
A: Butthurt in sentences is like “Wow, you are so butthurt”meaning that whatever they said might have insulted you or hurt your feelings.

Bitter in sentences is like “let’s not be bitter” meaning do not try to be mad or show that you are upset or mad someone, something or the situation.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra get butthurt e pout e get salty ?
A: @tjstkdn:
Butthurt= when someone gets their feelings hurt over something stupid
Ex.) Alex: Here is a chocolate, Dan.
Shawn: Why didn't you give me anything???! You guys always treat me like shit😡😡😥😢😭
Alex: Damn! You butthurt than a motherfucker- you don't even like milk chocolate!😵

Salty= Really mad or upset because someone did you wrong and made you look or feel stupid

Who told you butthurt and salty?😂
Q: Qual è la differenza tra get butthurt e put your foot in your mouth ?
A: butt hurt means someone's feelings were hurt by a perceived insult. Put your foot in your mouth means saying something embarrassing that you then later regret.

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Q: You are so butthurt. sembra naturale?
A: Generally yes. Butt hurt originated from video game insults created to enrage the listener into making further mistakes.

However, it's popularity has made it reach into common teenage conversations.

If a boy lost his girlfriend, his friend might accuse him of being butt hurt because boys in America do not express their feelings sensitively and in an attempt to console their friend they might try making fun of him to shake him from his sorrow.

Since this phrase is common for teenagers and teenagers typically have no real life problems you could assume it is for "tiny reasons" however it's basically a feeling of bitterness. That is the best way to describe it I think:

A feeling of bitterness over a exestensially trivial matter.
Q: "she get butthurt so easy" sembra naturale?
A: "she gets butthurt so easily"
Q: he keeps butthurt long sembra naturale?
A: I would say "he stays butthurt for a while"

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