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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? calibre

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Q: What does "calibre" in this text mean?

For someone with his calibre and a rather stable career, Jamie got a very rough 2-3 years (2019-possibly 2021 and beyond). Global public shaming, his business closed (well, a lot of business closed too) and experience major loss, that partnership with Shell for a little ca-ching that eroded his public image
Hated by Italian is one, but the whole rice-eater on this planet? Damn that's billion of people
Major prop for Auntie Hersha, she survived this ordeal with grace
A: that one is a hard one. It’s not very commonly used in conversation amongst normal people, but in official settings, it is used more often. someone’s “calibre” is their level on something. For instance, if a man who was not attractive tried to date a girl who was very hot, someone might say “well he isn’t really on her calibre.” meaning he isn’t on her level. Does that make sense?
Q: You are a high calibre staff and considered as a valuable asset of our company. The new compulsory redundancy plan does not involve you. sembra naturale?
A: Yes! Examples: She's a high caliber woman.
If ​teaching ​paid more it might ​attract ​people of an ​higher caliber.
The ​competition ​entries were of such an high caliber that ​judging them was very ​difficult.

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