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Q: Che cosa significa Calvin passes to Peters to O'Malley, Lucas to Higgins shoots-and it's goal!?
A: Calvin, Peters, O'Malley, Lucas, and Higgins are last names of people. i think this is from a sports game where they shoot goals.
Q: Che cosa significa Calvin Coolidge once said "No men ever listen his way out of job" while he was emphasizing the importance of listening in conversation. what does that mean? I would be very thankful if you gimme another example of "way out of" in a sentence! ?
A: "X your way out of something" means you do X so much that you get out of "something". If you find your way out of a forest, you found the way of exiting the forest.

His point is, you can talk your way out of a job (say the wrong thing, just talk too much, etc.), but you can't really listen your way out of a job (because you can't really listen too much, can you?).

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Q: Per favore dimmi come si pronuncia Calvin Klein, Eternity moment.
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Calvin Klein is a really good brand, but it's not my fashion style. sembra naturale?
A: Calvin Klein is a really good brand, but it’s not my style is better.
Fashion is redundant
Q: Could you help me, please? why Calvin says "AM I full" and not " I AM full" in this phrase? Thanks
A: "Am I" can be a statement with a verb. It puts emphasis on the verb and gives the sentence more power. Usually preceded by "Gee", "Gosh", "Boy", etc. for more emphasis.

"Gee, am I hungry." -> I am very hungry.

"Gosh, am I tired." -> I am very tired.

It is a rare grammar exception because it comes from old English (I believe it comes from Shakespeare / "Middle English").
Q: Calvin is by far most intelligent as humans sembra naturale?
A: "Calvin is by far the most intelligent person" would be more natural
Q: He rushed Calvin and grabbed him by the collar. sembra naturale?
A: 'He rushed at Calvin and grabbed him by the collar.'

Is he about to start a fight with Calvin?

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