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Q: Che cosa significa I bailed on Cancun?
A: They did not go to Cancun. When you bail on something/someone, it means you were expected to be there, but you decided not to go, usually at the last minute

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Q: Where is located Cancun in Mexico? sembra naturale?
A: You could say “Where in Mexico is Cancun”
Q: We went to Cancun, Mexico. I just had laze days there, but it was so much fun and relaxing. We didn’t go to any ruins. But we went to an small island for a day. sembra naturale?
A: We went to Cancun, Mexico. I just had LAZY days there, but, it was so much fun and relaxing. We didn’t go to any ruins,BUT, we went to A small island for a day.
Q: I went to Cancun in Mexico the end of last year. It was so far from Japan. It took about 24 hours from my house to the hotel. I had to transit through Narita and Chicago on the way, and Dallas and Narita on the way back. I was exhausted, and had terrible jet lag after I came home. So I'm planning to to travel to Langkawi. Because the time difference between Japan and Malaysia is small. sembra naturale?
A: The first sentence can be worded this way to sound more natural: "At the end of last year, I went to Cancun, Mexico."

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