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Q: How do you feel about being called "You" (with capitalised Y) in internet, or formal correspondence? Opposite to English, in Polish we never write I (ja) capitalised, but you (Ty, Cię, Ciebie etc.) is always required, no matter who is the person you're writing to, unless you want to behave like a wanker. That's why maybe some people and I used to write here, on hinative, or some other anonymous correspondence sth like "Thank You, I appreciate it...", but I saw a video by a Polish American telling not to do it, because it looks very strange and just stop doing that. I'm aware it's the English UK section, I wanted to ask you guys whether you feel the same, or maybe you've got a different view.
A: No, still weird. But that was an interesting thing to learn. Thank you ;)

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