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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? *Ms Cathy Brown and Mr Cohen Wilson will make presentations today
Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? Cathy
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: Hello. Which is more commonly used?

#1 Cathy is sleeping on the bed.
#2 Cathy is sleeping in the bed.

Thank you.
A: It can really depend on where you live.

I use #2. I'm originally from the northern USA (bordering Canada) and I've moved to the southern USA and I have heard it said both ways.

You'd hear "Cathy is in bed." more commonly though.
Q: Cathy:You asked me to pack a swimsuit and a life jacket. Also you are pulling out the canoe from the garage.
Dad:It looks like I can't keep a secret. sembra naturale?
A: yaa good job 😃💜
Q: Cathy: Yummy! I love ham sandwiches and potato salad.

Mom : Tell your sisters about the picnic.

Cathy : OK. I think it is going to get hot later today. sembra naturale?
A: Try not to make your "i" sound long in "sandwiches". Keep it short!
Otherwise, your pronunciation is very clear. Good job!
Q: Cathy : How about the lake ?
Mom : That's a great idea.
Cathy : What should we pack for lunch?
Mom : I can make ham sandwiches and potato salad . sembra naturale?
A: Don't put and -r sound at the end of idea
Q: Cathy, I'm not going today. My step-mom and dad wants to make some movements in the house so I have to help them, sorry for not telling you before, I forgot it completely, I'll see you next weekend? sembra naturale?
A: @NaomiVS: Cathy, I can't go today. My parents need some help moving things around the house. Sorry, I forgot to mention this. Let's see each other next weekend?

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