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 Please have your child wear glasses while he or she wears an eye patch.

 Don’t let your child stop wearing an eye patch for 2 hours every day until your doctor suggest you stop doing so.

 Please have your child wear an eye patch when he or she concentrates to watch something using hands. It is recommended that the patient wear it when have meal; play puzzles; draw pictures.

 It takes time to recover clear eye sight so please continue this treatment every day. The doctor is checking your child’s eye sight on regular basis.

 For the patients easy to have rough skin, we suggest to wear eye patches made of cloth covered with light blocking materials.
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A: Caution:

Make sure your child wears glasses over his/her eye patch.

Make sure they wear the eye patch at least two hours a day until your doctor states otherwise.

Please make sure your child wears their eye patch when struggling to focus on something.

It is recommended that the patient wear the eyepatch when eating, playing with puzzes or drawing pictures.

It takes time to recover clear eyesight so please follow this treatment plan daily.

The doctor should check your child's eyesight on a regular basis.

For patients with sensitive skin, we suggest cloth eye patches covered in dense, light blocking material.

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