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Q: Che cosa significa got chomped up by a whales teeth?
A: It is roughly the same as "got chewed up by a whale's teeth." The way this is phrased is a little awkward though in general though.

"Chomp" means chew or bite but larger, heavier, stronger, etc. So it makes sense to say a "whale chomped on something." But "chomped up" isn't commonly said.

Also "teeth" is unnecessary and sounds odd. With both these points in mind it could be:

"He got chewed up by a whale." His whole body was inside the whale's mouth and got chewed up.

Chomp is also more about the biting motion compared to the chewing motion. So we would more typically say "chomped on."

"He got chomped on by a whale." The whale was taking big bites of his body, but his body was still outside the whale's mouth.

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