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Q: Cicadas have started buzzing. sembra naturale?
A: Oooh, the dreaded articles in the English language...!! :D
It's a somewhat difficult topic and rather hard to explain. But I will try my best.

When you say "Cicadas have started buzzing", you are probably mentioning those cicadas for the first time in that conversation. There is no context prior to this regarding the cicadas. So the cicadas are not "specified": they are just cicadas! Generic, common cicadas! Common, but in a way "unknown" and "unspecified".

But when you say "The cicadas have started buzzing", the definite article ("the") helps "specify" the subject of the sentence. Perhaps you were talking about these cicadas in a previous sentence in the conversation. Or perhaps you and whoever you are talking to both KNOW about these cicadas and KNOW that there's a lot of them in Japan and they start buzzing as the weather gets warmer. So when you use "the", it sounds more "intimate", in a way. Because you and the listener both know WHICH cicadas you're talking about. (They're not just any old, generic cicadas. They are THE cicadas that we all know and love!)

Basically both sentences are grammatically correct but the sentence with "the" sounds nicer (and is much more common).

The best way to learn about the definite and indefinite articles is to just keep studying (read a lot and watch/listen to native English speakers). Eventually, through experience, you will begin to understand the topic deeply (but you will still have a hard time explaining it to others!)

It's very similar to が and は in Japanese.

I hope this was more helpful than confusing!
Q: Cicadas always sing beside my yard in the summer morning. sembra naturale?
A: Thank you very much!:)
Q: Cicadas are freaking annoying. 😫
I think cicadas are 10 times more noisy than mosquitoes. sembra naturale?
A: noisier, not more noisy
Q: Cicadas are getting quieter. The peak of the summer is over. sembra naturale?
A: Very poetic :)
Q: Cicadas are awful noisy and annoying. Summer finally started here. sembra naturale?
A: People do say "awful noisy" but it would normally be "awfully noisy".

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