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Q: Che cosa significa circumlocution?
A: circumlocution = using many words to describe a concept that is usually described in few words; sometimes this is done to be evasive or avoid answering a question directly, but it is also used when a speaker cannot think of the word they wish to use

While Hiroko was talking about her job, she couldn't think of the word "supervisor", so she used the circumlocution "the man at my job who tells me what to do".

Rather than admit to losing the money, the politician used the circumlocution "a certain financial incident happened in which I was no longer in possession of the fiscal instruments".
Q: Che cosa significa circumlocution?
A: it means to use sentences that are long but don't have very much meaning or useful information. It is used when someone wants to respond to a question but don't want to say the real answer. Most often used by people who are guilty and want to seem like they are not.
Q: Che cosa significa circumlocution?
A: I've never used that word before, but it means to use more words than needed, usually to dodge / be vage / not answer a question you don't want to.

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con circumlocution.
A: He can’t bare interviewing politicians because of their almost guaranteed circumlocutions.

Circumlocutions are often seen in student essays that barely meet the minimum word count.

Todd’s tweets are always convoluted; his circumlocution makes it hard for me to understand what he’s really trying to say.

When I called my date out on his circumlocutions over my simple questions he became upset! Can I even trust him?

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra circumlocution e euphemism ?
A: Circumlocution is more like rambling. I could tell the story in 30 seconds but instead, I take 5 minutes. Euphemism is using a different word in place of one that is harsh, sometimes referring to curse words.

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Q: I can tell there are many tortuous circumlocution on Japanese. sembra naturale?
A: Check the question to view the answer

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