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Q: Qual è la differenza tra I have Cisco certification in CCNA fundamentals and CCNA Routing . e I have Cisco certificate in CCNA fundamentals and CCNA Routing . ?
A: A "Certificate" is paper.

"Certification" is what is on the paper.

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Q: "Which Cisco DNA Center Assurance Tool will graphically show the path your applications and services running on a client will take through all the devices on the network to reach the destination?"
Why does this sentence have two modal verbs (will) without conjunction?
A: The second section is "dependent" because it exists just to describe the first clause. You can almost simplify a sentence to see the clauses and phrases by pretending to ask questions about it.

What are we talking about? (The main clause) "Which Tool will show the path?"
You can tell this is the main clause because it can be a complete question by itself.

Which path? "the path your applications will take to reach the destination"
Who is taking the path? "The applications and services running on a client"

Both of these are not a complete sentence on their own, so they are not an independent clause. They are both just giving more information about the original statement.
Q: Cisco company sembra naturale?
A: need more "o" in pronunciations. Like Cis"co" co in Coca Cola. Company try Co as in come.
Q: I am certified by Cisco (enterprise) sembra naturale?
A: Check the question to view the answer

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